Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me : Sons
If I had a nickel for every cigarette your mom smoked, I'd be dead.
Yeah Mike and you're the real man... (avec Mike et Bobby)
Where are you going... (avec Laura)
Do you think that if you were falling in space... (avec Laura)

James Hurley
You always hurt the ones you love... (avec Laura)

Bobby Briggs
Laura Palmer...see you later
Football's empty...I'm lookin' for Santa Claus... (avec Léo)

My name is Annie. I've been with Dale and Laura. The good Dale is in the Lodge and he can't leave. Write it in your diary

Log Lady
When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put out...

Chet Desmond
Teresa Banks had a ring...and idea what happened to it... (Chet Desmond et Sheriff Cable)
Your behavior is not funny. It's wasting the time of the Federal government

Cliff : Why don't you have some coffee, go ahead. It was fresh about two days ago
Mme Tremond et Pierre : This would look nice on your wall...
Léo : This is where we live Shelly!
Irene : You wanna hear about our specials? We don't have any
Carl : That goddamned trailer is more popular than Uncle's Day in a whorehouse..
Pierre : Fell a victim.
Are you talking about that little girl that got murdered ?

© Annie Cordier