Carte Star Pics n60

Sarah Palmer

Nickname: Mrs. P.
Birth date: 3/3/46
Sign: Pisces
Likes: A cigarette and a good glass of Chablis
Education: Missolua High School; Univ. of Montana
Actor: Grace Zabriskie

I was the president of the local bridge club, but resigned after the tragic death of my daughter.

I am a strong-willed woman who has a great deal of tolerance for pain and anguish. Considering I lost Laura, my niece Maddy, and Leland in the same month, I think I've held up remarkably well. I see things; I have a sixth sense.

I am not able to see evil in the world, until it is too late. I should have had more open communication with my daughter and husband. I'm too dependent on sedatives.

© Annie Cordier