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Catherine Martell

Birth date: 11/20/40
Sign: Scorpio
Likes: Family traditions
Education: Twin Peaks High School
Actor: Poper Laurie

Because my mother was very active in the PTA and League of Women Voters when I was younger, I developed a strong sense of civic duty. I served on the Twin Peaks Twon Council for 13 years and was president of the United Way for two terms. Someday, I plan to be chief operating officer of Ghostwood Country Club Estates.

I speak fluent Japanese and French. I used to love to go to Halloween parties because I always won the "Best Costume" prize. One year, my husband Pete and I went as a fisherman and his mermaid. We took first place, but I had a terrible allergic reaction to the rhinestones.

I tend to be a bit spiteful when I don't get my own way.

© Annie Cordier