Carte Star Pics n11

Lucy Moran

Nickname: Luc
Birth date: 5/27/62
Sign: Genimi
Likes: To please others
Education: Twin Peaks High School; Mrs. Smith's School of Secretarial Science
Actor: Kimmy Robertson

I was the "Employee of the Year" in 1988 at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Office, but I was surprised I won since I lost an important case file - the one Sheriff Truman told me to keep locked up - the legal-sized manila file with the green tab, and I was going to, but I left it on the top of my desk and went to wash my hands because the donuts had arrived, and when Sheriff Truman wanted it later, I could not find it. He solved the case anyway.

I am caring and sensitive and dedicated to helping Sheriff Truman keep a well-run office. I have excellent communications skills.

I simply don't know when to say no.

© Annie Cordier