Carte Star Pics n10

Andy Brennan

Birth date: 2/27/60
Sign: Pisces
Likes: Lucy
Education: Twin Peaks High School
Actor: Harry Goaz

I saved Agent Cooper's life, I think.

I have been told that I have a big heart; it breaks when I see something bad. I know that I would be a good father. If I had a boy, I would bring him to the Sheriff's Station when he was older and teach him the difference between good people and evil people. Lucy would make a good wife and a good mother. She could keep him occupied at the station while we were out solving crimes.

I am clumsy sometimes. Luckily, I have never injured myself. Sheriff Truman tells me that I cry too much when we're working on investigation. I'm trying to be stronger. But I can't help myself. Once I start, I'm like a leaky faucet in desperate need of a plumber.

© Annie Cordier